Four Benefits of Using Epoxy Coatings on Your Concrete Pool Decking

Concrete is a durable material for outdoor flooring applications and is a good choice for residential pool decks. However, harsh climatic conditions can damage concrete decks and diminish their visual appeal. Applying epoxy coatings over outdoor concrete flooring is an excellent way of boosting the durability and appearance of the material. Below are four benefits of using epoxy coatings on your concrete pool deck.

Protect concrete from moisture damage

Concrete is a porous material; therefore, it expands when exposed to moisture. Moisture can compromise the structural integrity of concrete and cause it to crack. Furthermore, exposure to severe heat can cause thermal expansion, which further deteriorates the concrete. Although most concrete decks are sealed, sealants can wear off and expose the flooring to damage.

Epoxy has great adhesion and filling properties. When applied to concrete, it adheres to the surface and creates a waterproof protection layer over the deck. Epoxy coatings protect the concrete from moisture exposure. What's more, epoxy is more durable than concrete sealants and won't wear off when exposed to corrosive substances such as pool cleaning chemicals.

Increase safety around the pool

Safety is paramount for pool and deck users. You need a decking material that won't cause slip-and-fall or trip accidents. When wet, concrete can be dangerously slippery, especially if the surface is polished. If the deck has potholes or cracks from moisture damage, it can cause trip accidents.

You can increase safety around your pool by using anti-slip epoxy coatings on the concrete floor. Anti-slip epoxy has polymer beads that create a smooth, yet non-slip surface. Epoxy coatings also fill in any existing cracks and holes in the concrete, creating an even surface that is safe to walk on.

Improve curb appeal

Epoxy coatings can revamp your old concrete pool deck and increase the curb appeal of the outdoor space. The coatings are available in an array of colours, ranging from sleek and subtle hues to dramatic shades. To maintain the visual appeal of your new epoxy pool deck, consider the following tips during installation:

  • Opt for high-quality, outdoor-grade epoxy with UV-resistant properties to prevent yellowing and fading.
  • Choose colours that complement your pool or create a beautiful contrast between the pool and decking.

Proper application of epoxy coatings is crucial to maintaining curb appeal. Therefore, prepare the concrete surface to ensure the coatings adhere properly.

Lower deck maintenance costs

Outdoor epoxy flooring is resistant to moisture infiltration and UV rays. It does not stain or fade when exposed to chemical spills. Therefore, you only need to sweep and mop the surface as part of your pool cleaning routine. This translates into low pool deck maintenance expenses.

Choose quality epoxy products to achieve a durable finish and a low-maintenance pool deck. Contact a flooring contractor for professional epoxy flooring application.

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