Benefits of Vinyl Plank Flooring in a Home

One of the most important elements in a room is the flooring material. It covers a large area and massively impacts the decor. Plus, the flooring needs to deal with daily walking, spills, and other wear and tear. One option to consider is vinyl planks. Here are its benefits.


Vinyl planks create attractive flooring. The planks are often embossed with a texture that mimics hardwood. They have a realistic feeling as they're also printed with a photograph of timber. Like solid wood floorboards, you can choose between patterns and shades.

Plus, you can customise the flooring's look by picking between plank widths, which you can lay in different directions. For example, you could set them parallel with a long wall in a rectangular room to create expansiveness. Or, lay planks parallel with the short walls to make the room appear wider. Alternatively, set the planks diagonally in a room for a dynamic look.


If you're looking for comfort when standing in the kitchen preparing food, vinyl planks will help. They have a soft backing, so they're softer to walk on than hard timber or ceramic tiles. Additionally, they muffle noise, so footsteps won't reverberate around the house like they do with solid wood planks.

Uncomplicated Maintenance

Some floors require complicated maintenance routines. For example, solid timber needs periodic finishing, and natural stone tiles must be regularly resealed. However, vinyl flooring doesn't need involved upkeep tasks. Simply mop, sweep, or vacuum the floor using the brush attachment to prevent damage. To stop wear in high-traffic areas, you could place runners.

Useful in Various Rooms

You can lay vinyl planks in all rooms of your house, even places that experience moisture. Vinyl is resistant to water, so you can install it in bathrooms to give the decor a warm appearance. You can also put vinyl in the kitchen and other areas without panicking when you spill something. If you want to instal vinyl in living areas, place large rugs in the centre of the room, just like you would with hardwood floorboards. Layering the vinyl planks in this way can make them look even more authentic.

Compatible With Radiant Heating

Vinyl plank flooring can also be laid in rooms with underfloor heating. So you can enjoy toasty flooring in the bathroom first thing in the morning or in any other room. In any case, vinyl isn't cold like tiles or wood. However, underfloor heating will make this flooring even more restful.

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