Top 3 Challenges Faced When Installing Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo floors have become a common choice for home and business owners due to their numerous benefits. Bamboo floors create a natural feel to space and have a beautiful finish. But the proper installation of your bamboo floor is necessary if you want to gain these benefits. If you install this flooring without the right skills and training, then you will face various challenges. Read on to find out some challenges you may face when installing bamboo flooring yourself.

Failing To Read the Instructions

The floors you install in your property are a huge investment. If you fail to install your floors properly, then you face costly repairs after a short time. Thus, set some time aside for you and your installer to go over the manufacturer's instructions. Every manufacturer has a different way of processing their bamboo floors. The guidelines manufacturers offer can help you save about 90% of the mistakes most people make. These guidelines will also inform you of the best maintenance practices to follow. 

Floating the Floors without Checking the Humidity

If your floor has long runs, ensure the humidity inside your home is stable before installing the bamboo flooring. If you are not sure about the humidity status, always use nails or glue to attach the flooring. That is because bamboo floors can change their shape depending on the humidity levels. The negative effects of humidity are worse on floating floors. That is because the moisture seeps out through the edges of the floors and the entrance. One issue that many people with bamboo floors face is that they shrink when the humidity is low. If the humidity levels in your home are not stable, then be ready to leave expansion gaps.

Failing To Analyse the Floor First

It is critical that you first check for any discolouration in the planks before installing them. That is because raw bamboo tends to rot quickly. Therefore, manufacturers treat the bamboo as soon as it is cut. If the bamboo is not treated on time, you will still see the mould after you complete the installation. In some cases, the mould may fail to die and begin spreading over your installed floors. It is unlikely to find mould in strand-woven bamboo. That is because the glue used in installation and the curing process gets rid of any spores present.


The best way to get the benefits of bamboo floors is by installing them in the right way. So it is best to leave the installation work to the floor installation experts.

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