Three Tips To Help Prepare For Timber Floor Sanding

There is a special quality which radiates from a newly laid timber floor. The shine, the unmarked surface and the vibrant colours are all reasons why timber flooring is popular in Australia. However, over time the shine and vibrant colours fade, and the surface shows little marks and scratches which cannot be avoided thanks to people and pet movement throughout the home. Sanding your timber floor is the ideal way to restore its original finish. But before that can begin, you need to prepare your home ready for what is a dusty task. Use these three tips to make sure that your residence is ready for timber floor sanding.

Finish Other Contractor Work Before The Floors Are Sanded

Whether you are planning to add a few new powerpoints or you want to paint the walls in the room with timber floors, it is a great idea to finish these tasks before the sanding begins. Painting, in particular, should never be done before floor sanding is imminent because it takes a month for the paint to truly dry and set. If sanding is done before the paint is set, then the dust may compromise the paint finish. It also makes sense to have powerpoints installed before the floor is sanded so there is no chance of damage to the newly sanded floor while any contractor work is done.

Cover Windows

In any room with timber flooring where there are large windows, it is important to cover the windows before the sanding begins. Thick blankets or foil covering can be purchased from the local hardware store and are needed to keep strong heat from entering through the windows. The reason for this tip is that after the timber floor is sanded, it then needs to be sealed with a clear coat. This coating may bubble or peel if exposed to high heat during the drying process. Covering the windows reduces this from happening.

Cover Fireplaces And Doorways

Sanding a timber floor generates a lot of dust, so tape up any voids in the room which could trap that dust. Open fireplaces must have thick paper taped over them. Doorways can have heavy sheets of plastic taped to the top. These need to be at least 5 cm longer than the doorframe so there is excess plastic on the floor to trap the dust in the room. You can purchase the paper and plastic sheets at your hardware store. This tip means you are not cleaning up timber floor dust for months after the event.

The more preparation and forethought done before the timber floor sanding begins, the better the end outcome will be.

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