Reasons To Apply An Epoxy Coating To Your Garage Floor

In the past, you might be justified in thinking it was a waste of time to create a beautiful garage floor as it would quickly spoil with use. After all, indoor surfaces such as timber, ceramic tiles and natural stone would lose their beauty in a flash once in a garage. Thus grey concrete was one of the only viable options. However, innovative decorative concrete techniques—such as epoxy coatings— now provide more durable options. Here are a couple of reasons to install these coatings in your garage.


Epoxy floorings provide such resilience and resistance that they populate many industrial factories and high-traffic public areas. Thus, retaining their integrity and beauty in a residential garage is relatively easy in comparison. During an epoxy floor installation, contractors combine two materials which chemically react and harden, providing them with a limited time to spread the compound. Once it cures, the floor resists damage from hot tires, chemicals, water, oil and grease and abrasions. Thus, you'll be able to drive your cars over it, use your garage as a workshop or put the space to use in a variety of other ways without having to modify your activities for fear of floor damage. The non-porous finish provides an almost indestructible barrier even with heavy garage wear and tear. 


While the compound epoxy coating can go on clear, its ingeniousness lies in the fact that a range of different pigments and elements can combine within the mixture to produce highly decorative finishes. Additive pigments are available in an assortment of colours, plus different kinds of flakes can contribute, including granite or other natural stones, coloured glass and metallic elements. This epoxy system creates gorgeous textures and patterns, not only uniform colours. 

You can personalise the floor to suit your taste, making more decorative or straightforward designs. You might harmonise it with the garage walls or other areas of the home. You could, for instance, create a shiny, flecked cream and bronze surface or a black and gold specked one. The range of possible additives is so vast that you can create virtually any floor you can imagine. What you will need to give up—with an epoxy floor—is the mindset that a garage is necessarily a dull and merely utilitarian place. Additionally, you can apply an epoxy coating to either new or existing structurally sound concrete, which makes this system even more versatile. Overall, decorative epoxy flooring is extremely resilient, plus it provides a beautiful aesthetic. 

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